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  • What is LARP or LRP?
    What is LARP or LRP?
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    If you haven’t been LARPing, it can be very difficult to understand how and why such a hobby works. Describing live action role play in an exciting and understandable way is no easier! However, LARP, or LRP as many people prefer to call it, is an incredibly immersive and diverse hobby that unites thousands of people from across the world. In this article, I’m going to try and break LARP down into its key components to give a clearer picture of fundamentals that make these events work. There...

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  • Metal LARP Costume Maintenance, Storage & Repairs
    Metal LARP Costume Maintenance, Storage & Repairs
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    Metal LARP costume is difficult to keep in good condition. Even with excellent care and storage, wearing metal at events inevitably leads to scuffs and scratches. With British weather, a downpour is also to be expected. This guide is to help keep your metal kit in the best condition for many years to come.

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