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Weapon Holders

You want a ring scabbard, a full scabbard, a adjustable holder, a simple holster, a baldric, a back scabbard or holsters for your throwing daggers? We have you covered with a massive range to suit all your larp and cosplay needs.

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  • Full Scabbards

    Protect your Larp & Cosplay swords and keep them from general wear and tear with a full scabbard. Take your costume to the next level with a full leather scabbard.

  • Dagger Scabbards

    Daggers are one of the most easily misplaced items on a Larp field. Keep your knives safe with a secure scabbard and save yourself money in the long run.

  • Throwing Weapon Holders

    Small daggers and knives often get lost when you're out adventuring and rolling around in the dirt. Keep your throwing weapons safe with our selection of high-quality scabbards.

  • Ring Scabbards

    Irregular swords, maces and hammers don't often fit into conventional scabbards. The ring scabbard is the perfect way to carry around these alternative weapons at your belt.

  • Baldrics

    Baldrics for pirate, swashbuckling type larpers. These effectively hang over your shoulder and carry a weapon at the hip. Yarrr!

  • Back Scabbards

    There are a tonne of epic characters who holster their swords in their back scabbards. We have a whole range of single and double back scabbard designed to hold your larp and cosplay weapons on your back.

  • Gun Holsters

    Holster that gun in a beautifully fitted leather holster around your belt and/or leg.

  • Scabbards

    Arguably one of the most essential parts of your Larp kit, you always need a scabbard. We have a large range of scabbards to holster a variety of Larp & Cosplay weapons, catering to tonnes of different shapes and sizes.