Larp Inn at Larp Con

Contrary to popular belief, Larp Inn is a small family business founded in 2009. We operate from a central warehouse in Telford, just off the M54. From this central location, we ship all shapes and sizes of LARP kit to the UK and abroad. We also have a showroom where you can drop by to try out a costume, feel the weight of a new LARP weapon and buy/order our goods. 

Our distribution centre ships tonnes of goodies! There’s soft LARP weapons for both traditional, fantasy, futuristic and apocalyptic LARPs; affordable, entry level costume and a wide range of more elaborate, detailed pieces; and, thousands of other knick-knacks to flesh out characters. Larp Inn also sells board, card and war games, as wells as paints, dice and other accessories. Our passion is, of course, for LARP but we’ve also supplied Television and Theatre productions such as Merlin, Atlantis and Horrible Histories.

We began field trading in 2014 and you can now expect to see us at What’s Your Game, LarpCon or any of the main Lorien Trust events. In addition to every item of stock we can cram into the van, we offer help with any broken kit, be it rivets, latex or a fresh coat of silicone.
Everyone at Larp Inn believes in giving honest and friendly advice, we listen and try to remember as many faces as possible. So, come in and say hi!

Our team


Jamie with Masks JamieWalking JamieinHat Jamie with child

AKA. The founder, the decision maker, the slave-driver and the boss!
Jamie is the biggest fish in our little pond, in truth he constructed the pond and also filled it with water. With a history in website design, building was easy; however, everything else was a case of trial and error. Fortunately, only some things went wrong and now, after 6 years, Larp Inn is a full time endeavour. Jamie does the talking and makes all the jokes, and can be found trading in an array of amusing hats. He will answer all your questions - So don’t hesitate to ask him anything, in fact ask him about the ‘Basic Dagger Incident’!


Harriett with Goblin Hood Harriett Smiling Harriett in Witch Armour

Harriett likes to be known as the administrative hero of Larp Inn, personal assistant or carer of Jamie. Harriett’s main skills include organising, coordinating and crisis aversion. Keeping the shop in check is more than a job, it’s a personal goal. When everything is running to optimal standards, Harriett helms latexing weapons, leather painting and customer services. On the stall, Harriett can be recognised by her friendly nature and particularly gummy smile.


Charlotte Smiling Charlotte the Healer Charlotte at Horror Event

Charlotte’s formal Larp Inn title includes fashion advisor and principal snack eater. Beside her expertise in mannequin dressing and chubby bunny, Charlotte has spent a record amount of time processing stock. She is frequently buried under bubble wrap, surrounded by cardboard boxes, with polystyrene chips tangled into her hair. At events she always chirpy, helpful and is happy to offer brutally honest advice as to costume choices!


David the Alchemist David at the Gathering David in the Tavern

AKA. Grandad.

David is the oldest and wisest of Larp Inn’s team. Though his knowledge is vast, you may not always leave the shop having learnt what you set out to discover. With a vast skill set, he is always on hand to lend advice or help with repairs. If he asks to take a photograph of you, do not be alarmed, he is merely impressed with your costume and wishes to share the photograph with his wife. David can typically be found in two places – behind the stall or in the tavern (yes, all year round)!


Keith is an elusive member of the Larp Inn team. Always in demand, he appears on special occasions to share is vast knowledge of leather work and prosthetics. Keith’s mind can be described as a sketchbook of new designs and, to him, anything could be turned into a monster costume. He is always keen to form a union, but since he’ll be the only person in the union, it’s just him with a placard saying “rain go home”. When found, Keith is often on hand to sell you thing you didn’t know you needed but you’ll be glad to have.