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Full level tank? We have full metal plate for Knights and Paladins, Chainmail (both shiny and dark) and leather armour for your more nimble larp warriors.

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  • Gambeson

    The Gambeson or arming jacket serves multiple purposes. It can be your bottom layer under heavy armour, protecting your flesh from the hard bits, or it can be a costume in itself. Gambesons are comfortable and warm on colder event nights.

  • Leather Armour

    The larpers favourite! Leather armour is the most popular armour in a larp field because of the balance it strikes between protection and comfort.

  • Helmets

    When the only thing they can see sticking up over your shield is your head, what are they going to hit? Protect your noggin with one of these stunning helmets.

  • Plate Armour

    Full plate for full protection. Heavy duty steel plate armour for your body, arms and legs.

  • Chain Armour

    Chainmail vest to keep your internal organs, internal? Chain coif to keep the brain inside your head? Perhaps, you need a chain neck piece to keep the vampires off?

  • Womens Armour

    A selection of armour more suited to the feminine form.

  • Polyurethane Armour

    If you want to look fantastic but avoid the weight and inflexibility of metal-plate armour, polyurethane costume armour is the product for you.