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LARP Swords - HUGE!

We have swords and they're huge! Claymores, greatswords and Nodachi's all Larp safe for you costume!

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    Larp Inn’s high quality weapon lube is a special silicone for the regular maintenance and protection of all types of latex larp weapons, shields and cosplay costume items. Regular use will prolong the lifespan of your Live Action Role Play equipment and prevent the surfaces from dying out.

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    Epic Armoury's Claymore is an impressive 140 cm two-handed sword with great parrying qualities and a lot of personality. The 90 cm double-edged blade attaches to a large v-shaped crossguard, designed to lock an enemy’s blade and to protect your hands. The 32 cm ergonomic handle is wrapped in split-leather and can be used two-handed or one-handed in close...

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    Epic Armoury’s Baal is a beautiful two-handed sword with variable grip and an extra long blade. From tip to pommel, the Baal spans a massive 140 cm, including a 100 cm long center ridged blade with a leather wrapped ricasso for half-swording techniques integral to longsword fighting in close quarters. The blade can be used with both hands on the handle,...

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    Epic Armoury’s Nodachi is a two-handed Japanese sword meant for elite samurai. The Nodachi is 140 cm long, with a 100 cm long single edged cutting-blade. It has a large oval crossguard and a small rounded pommel. The handle’s oval shape helps to steer the blade intuitively, and is adorned with menuki-bindings made from top-grain leather. The menuki-bind...

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    The Epic Armoury Protection Gel is used for the maintenance of Live Action Role Playing foam weapons and equipment covered with latex and/or varnish and reduction in strike friction in weapons. The Epic Armoury Protection gel has a high viscosity (MPH 350), meaning that it is of a thicker consistency and can therefor offer a thicker coating than a liquid...

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items