Opening Hours

We're often trading at LARP events. If you're traveling from a distance, we'd always advise giving us a call in advance to make sure we'll be here when you visit.


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 4.30pm

Sunday: CLOSED


What's Your Game Kit Fair: Thursday 1st February - Tuesday 6th February 2024

Larp Con: Thursday 29th February - Tuesday 5th March 2024

Profound Decisions 'Empire E1' & Lorien Trust 'Spring Moot': Tuesday 23rd April - Wednesday 8th May 2024

Lorien Trust 'Great Erdrejan': Tuesday 21st May - Tuesday 28th May 2024

Profound Decisions 'Empire E2': Tuesday 11th June - Tuesday 18th June 2024

Profound Decisions 'Empire E3' & Lorien Trust 'Summer Moot': Tuesday 23rd July - Tuesday 6th August 2024

Lorien Trust 'The Gathering': Tuesday 20th August - Tuesday 27th August 2024

Profound Decisions 'Empire E4': Tuesday 10th September - Tuesday 17th September


The web site is open for you to place your orders 24/7. We work orders and ship them 9-5pm Monday to Friday. If we're closed or away, your orders will be worked in the order they are placed upon our return.

Please bear in mind that couriers and our suppliers will not be working at full capacity during bank holidays and as always if you need something in time for an event - give us plenty of notice.


We are not a traditional shop. Our showroom is a small space we've made within a functioning warehouse on a busy industrial estate. We welcome customers to come visit us and see the LARP goods ang gaming products we have on display, but we are a working environment. You'll often find we leave you to browse whilst we work away in one of our seperate crafting rooms.

Our warehouse can be VERY cold in the winter. We advise you wear appropriate clothing when you visit.

We can't provide toilet facilities to visiting customers. Our limited facilities are there to cater for paying gaming customers and staff.


Car - Telford is in the midlands, just off the M54 with excellent connections to major motorways running up and down the UK. There is a large car park at the industrial estate that generally provides ample parking spaces for free. We ask that you don't park in front of our warehouse or any others on the estate, but use the parking provided to avoid inconveniencing anyone.

Public Transport - Telford Central is the closest train station, about a forty-minute walk from our showroom. There are also excellent bus routes. A large number of buses stop at Heath Hill, which is right on our doorstop. These buses tend to be hourly. the most common buses run every ten-fifteen minutes and set off and drop off at Lancaster Avenue, a fifteen minute walk to our showroom.


Sadly, our premises is not wheelchair friendly. Our LARP showroom is flat and maneuverable for wheel chairs, and we've had many visitors peruse the store in wheelchairs, but there is a lip on the front door and a wooden beam on the floor in the corridor, each about three inches in height. Furthermore, our games rooms are only accessible via a flight of stairs. We apologise for the inconvenience.