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Larp Inn provides a range of themed costume, weapons and equipment to help craft the perfect fantasy outfit.

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  • Viking

    A collection of costume and Larp weapons perfect for viking characters and costumes.

  • Knight

    A collection of weapons, armour, shields and costume to fulfill the complete knight look. Tool up here for Cosplay, Larp, Theater and film.

  • Orc

    Make up, prosthetics and costume to create the perfect orc look. Perfect for Larp, theater, cosplay and film.

  • Archer

    A collection of costume and props to fulfill everything an Archer could need.

  • Healer

    A collection of tools, clothing and accessories to fulfill all the requirements of a healer or field surgeon. Perfect for Larp, Cosplay, theater and film.

  • Samurai/Ninja

    Costume to suit cosplay, theater, larp and film Ninjas or Samurai.

  • Elf

    Costume and prosthetics which complement the fantasy elven look.

  • Dark Elf

    A collection of products essential for fulfilling the classic fantasy race of dark elf or drow.

  • Mage

    A selection of costume larp, cosplay and fantasy mages.

  • Demon

    Prosthetics and props to complete the fantasy costume of a Demon, perfect for Larp, theatre, Cosplay and film.

  • Pirate

    All the costume and LARP weapons needed to be a swashbuckling Pirate!

  • Profound Decisions -...

    Profound Decisions 'Empire' have lots of suggestions and guides to help you build a costume that suits the nation you choose to join. Here at Larp Inn we've combed through their guide in detail to provide you with a selection of costume, make up and weapons that suit the themes for each nations.

  • Northern Kingdoms

    Costume inspired or suitable for characters from the Northern Kingdoms tales.

  • Roman

    A collection of Roman costume and Roman based Larp item.