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Whether you need to outfit your character or your kids with Larp Inn has the right kit for you. Cloaks, shirts, tunics, robes, trousers and more to suit your larp kit or theatrical wardrobe.

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  • Shirts
    The first layer of nearly every good costume, your shirt speaks of your character. Are you dark and threatening, a carefree pirate, or flamboyant beyond reason. We have a wide selection of shirts suitable for LARP (LRP), reenactment, themed weddings, or cosplay.
  • Hoods & Hats
    A range of hoods and hats to compliment costumes and amuse.
  • Cloaks
    We have a selection of cloaks and capes perfect for your theater, larp and cosplay costume. Check out a large selection of options.
  • Tunics
    Get your base layers sorted for hot and cold weather events with our large selection of tunics. We've got all your larp, cosplay, halloween and theater costumes covered.
  • Trousers
    Get your hero Pants and adventurers trousers here! Essential to every costume, a good pair of trousers means you can get stuck into a Larp without any uncomfortable tearing sounds. Invest now and you'll be grateful later.
  • Dresses
    Dresses are often the base of a good feminine costume. We have a whole range of dresses that work as fantastic base layers but we also have ornamental dresses that can bring your larp, theater or cosplay outfit together.
  • Coats
    Bring a character to life with out selection of costume coats and leather jerkins or vests. All of our options are great for larp, theater and cosplay and offer fantastic protection from the weather whilst looking great!
  • Skirts
    Check out our battle skirts which are a great addition to your larp, theater and cosplay costume, whilst providing fantastic movability.
  • Footwear
    Footwear is an essential part of your costume but often the last thought when putting an outfit together. We have a small selection of boots fantastic for a range of larp, theater, halloween and cosplay costumes.
  • Blouses/Tops
    A collection of blouses and tops designed to enhance the feminine form and bring your larp, theater and cosplay costume together.
  • Gloves
    Check out our high-quality Larp gloves ideal for protecting you from cold weather, sharp blows to the hand and making you look fabulous at all times!
  • Robes
    Robes are a fantastic way to bring a costume together, particularly for magic or clerical based characters. Our selection of robes are brilliant for a range of Larp, theater and cosplay costumes.
  • Wraps
    Cotton wrapping to compliment a costume or add padding beneath bracers/greaves.
  • Children
    Larp Costume, Larp Gambeson and Larp cloaks sized for the smaller person.
  • Tabards
    Tabards can be used in a host of different ways, it's perfect for both mid and top layer wear, bringing together the finishing touches of your larp, theater and cosplay costume.
  • Steampunk
    A brand new selection of costume suitable for Steampunk and Victorian LARP.
  • Starter Kits
    A selection of standardised costume made more economical for new players.
  • Skin Suits
    Body suits perfect for Cosplay, Larp and Theatre.