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A collection of tools, clothing and accessories to fulfill all the requirements of a healer or field surgeon. Perfect for Larp, Cosplay, theater and film.

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    Hey there! Are you looking for a handy device to keep your character card, spells cards or other laminated goodies handy whilst you adventure! Well this is what you're looking for.

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    The Yeoman Medieval Shirt is a versatile piece of costume that can be used for a whole range of LARP, cosplay and theater characters. The light-weight cotton is great for all weathers and acts as a fantastic base layer for building up your costume. This shirt is available in a large range of colours and sizes.

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    This is an essential part of every LARP kit! Staying hydrated as you battle foes in blaring sun, winter gales and waist-deep mud is vital; however, these skins can also be used to hold the other Larp essential - alcohol. Don't go Larping without picking up something to carry your water easily and keeping it easily to hand.

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    The Viking Trousers are our most comfortable pair of hero pants. These soft cotton medieval trousers are loose around the thigh and laced tighter around the calf for perfect use with boots or leg armour. The Viking Trousers are particularly great because they have an elasticated waste band for excellent fit, comfort and greater size variation. These pants...

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    Epic Armoury's new Cutthroat Knife is an elegant 10 cm blade and sculpted 8 cm handle perfect for rogues and creative nobles alike. Featuring more detailing than previous throwing knives, the Cutthroat Knife appears more realistic thanks to the iron texture and marble colouring. Easily hang your knife from your belt using the loop on its pommel, showing...

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    Coins, gemstones, potions, dice, herbs, magic rings... There are so many things one should have on hand at LARP events. Small fabric bags in different colours are great for organising your shoulder bag or can be fastened to your belt with ease. Made from light cotton fabric and closed with the two tie-strings, this small bag is an essential for all your...

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    The Agron Shirt is a must-have item for your LARP, cosplay or theatre costumes. This particular shirt is light-weight and provides great comfort, perfect as a base layer for a variety of costumes. Available in black, blue, cream, red, green and brown, this particular shirt has a great range of sizes that covers even some of the most heroic plus-size chests.

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    The Ulborin Dagger Scabbard is secure way to keep your small weapons safe whilst you run around adventuring. The popper keeps your weapon in place despite the wide fit being perfect for a lot of larger blades. The D ring design offers flexibility and prevents the dagger getting stuck on things as you move around. This scabbard is a great addition to any...

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    The Epic Armoury Hunter's Knife comes with a 11 cm blade with a metallic finish and and a wooden 6 cm handle perfect for as a backup weapon. With its practical, low-fantasy style, match this Throwing Knife with most Epic Armoury products and characters. Use it as a weapon or hunting tool--whatever fits your needs! Made from coreless durable closed cell...

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