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We have an abundance of crafting supplies for miniature painting and war game terrain stocked at out Telford Shop - come check us out!

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  • Model Paint Brushes
    Get the best miniatures with these fantastic Army Painter, Citadel & Javis brushes - all at competitive prices. If you want to check out the stock first hand, come visit our Telford gaming store!
  • Scenery
    Scenery for tabletop wargames and roleplaying games! In store at our Telford shop!
  • Citadel Paints
    Master your model with a massive range of incredible paints produced by Games Workshop's Citadel. Pick up all the supplies you need at low prices in our Telford based gaming store.
  • Essentials
    All the bits and bobs essential for modelling and miniature painting. Come and check out the full range at our Telford based gaming store!
  • Aerosol & Base Coat
    Spray on Aerosols for base coating or finishing miniatures and wargame scenery. Here at our Telford based gaming store we have a large selection of Citadel & Army Painter undercoats stocked.
  • Terrain Materials
  • The Army Painter
    Army painter paints for bringing any tabletop army or miniature to life. We have a huge selection of Army Painter stock at out Telford based gaming store!