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LARP Weapons

Larp Safe Foam Swords, Daggers, Staffs, Axes and Spears for your Larp Hobby. All of our items are padded foam and designed for use in larp combat or for theatrical use.

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  • LARP Swords - Two Handed

    A great selection of two-handed Larp swords perfect for epic cosplay, theater and larp costumes!

  • LARP Axes

    A great range of Larp safe foam axes for all your Larp and Cosplay costume needs.

  • LARP Spear/Staff

    Larp and Cosplay spears and staffs for a whole variety of costumes.

  • LARP Daggers

    It always pays to have a backup weapon! Our Larp Daggers and Knives are the perfect secondary defence when your main weapon has been shattered. They're also the Larp Weapon of choice for Assassin and Rogue like characters. All of our daggers are made from soft foam.

  • LARP Maces & Hammers

    Want to whack someone? Now you can with Larp Inn's range of Larp safe costume maces & hammers.

  • Coreless Foam Throwing

    Throwing daggers are the perfect weapon to conceal in your costume. These nifty Larp knives can be your killing blow.

  • Foam Head Safety Arrows

    Foam headed arrows suitable for sport, Larp and other contact archery.

  • Bows

    A selection of bows, crossbows and arrows suitable for Larp, cosplay, theater and sport.

  • LARP Modern & Sci-fi...

    Prepare for the apocalypse with our soft foam weapons! A whole bunch of modern-day weapons your Larp or Cosplay character can actually hit other people with.

  • LARP Swords - HUGE!

    We have swords and they're huge! Claymores, greatswords and Nodachi's all Larp safe for you costume!

  • DIY LARP Weapons

    Fancy making your own larp weapons or repairing some kit you've already got. We have a whole load of materials perfect for at home cosplay, theater and larp projects.

  • Toy Cap Guns

    A great range of beautiful replica flintlocks with the ability to fire single caps for extra realism. Get your perfect Pirate costume with one of our toy cap guns.

  • LARP Swords - Single...

    Check out our selection of one-handed Larp swords which are economical and high quality. These weapons are great for kids, shield users and those on a tight budget.

  • Weapon Maintenance &...

    Keep larp and cosplay weapons in tip-top condition with selection of maintenance sprays and materials for repairs or customisation.

  • Light Armouries

    Light Armouries is an independent manufacturer of high quality props and weapons for film, theatre and hobbies.

  • Epic Armoury Hybrids

    Epic Armoury Hybrid and Stronghold weapons have a polyurethane foam cast handle construction making them more durable than traditional LARP weapons. However, these weapons are firmer. Please bear this in mind with your systems weapon safety rules.

  • Shields

    There is no more valuable thing to hold in the hand that is not holding your larp sword. Shields come in lots of sizes, buckles, kit shields, viking round shields and tower shields.

  • LARP Claws

    Fur-covered foam LARP claws, designed for creature, monster and were-animal costumes.