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A selection of prosthetics, face paint and tools perfect for Cosplay, LARP or just Halloween.

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  • Fangs/Teeth

    We stock a range of false teeth and fangs which can be used to complete your character costume. Easy to use and economical for Larp, theater, cosplay and halloween.

  • Latex Wounds/FX

    Prosthetic wounds perfect for cosplay, Larp costume, Halloween, theater & film.

  • Ears

    Pointed prosthetic elf ears for larp and theatre use. As well as elf ears, woof elf ears, moon elf ears and high elf ears we also stock ears for demons, pixies, orcs and other fantasy creatures.

  • Face Paint

    All the essentials for both simple costumes and elaborate make up artistry.

  • Application

    Spirit gum and remover for latex prosthetics, elf ears, noses, and other makeup for Larp, film and theatre.

  • Horns

    High quality prosthetic horns perfect for cosplay, larp costumes, Halloween, theater and film.

  • Noses

    A selection of prosthetic noses for costume makeup, theater, larp & cosplay. Our range includes rat, Nosferatu and werewolf prosthetic noses.

  • Masks

    Get a high quality mask for your next character here at Larp Inn. We have a selection of durable latex masks designed to be customised.

  • Hair/Body Sprays

    Our Hair and Body Sprays are are perfect for Larp costumes, Cosplay, Halloween or even parties and festivals

  • UV Make Up

    A selection of bright, UV & Glow in the dark make up to liven up a costume or wear to parties and festivals.

  • Hygiene

    All the hygiene products you need for several days fighting in a muddy field!