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All the equipment and accessories that complete a costume, essentials for LARP such as pouches, belts, hats and bags.

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  • Quivers

    Always be ready with our collection of leather quivers. We have a variety of quivers that can be worn on your back or at your waist for the most convenient draw for you.

  • Weapon Holders

    You want a ring scabbard, a full scabbard, a adjustable holder, a simple holster, a baldric, a back scabbard or holsters for your throwing daggers? We have you covered with a massive range to suit all your larp and cosplay needs.

  • Pouches

    With a vast range of belt pouches, we have a bag for every shape and size of nick knack you can carry. Check out our selection of leather and suede bags to keep all your props safe!

  • Belts

    A good costume is made at the belt! Our wide variety of styles allows you to put the finishing touches on your outfit, carry around all your accessories, bring in that waist and, at the very lease, hold up your hero pants.

  • Eating & Drinking

    Perfect for props, outdoor living or ornaments in the home, our rustic accessories are great for Larp, Cosplay, theatre and just nerds!

  • Books, Pens and Coins

    Books, pens and coins suitable for LARP and other theatrical role-play.

  • Gifts

    We provide gift vouchers so you can give something unique and personal, without the struggle of choosing!

  • Backpacks / Shoulder Bags

    Once you've got your costume on there can be a surprising amount of stuff you need to haul around! Our backpacks and shoulder bags allow you to enjoy Larp and Cosplay whilst still having the kitchen sink on hand.

  • Decoration Western Guns

    The level of historical accuracy in these pre 1870 guns is outstanding, hence the feeling of authenticity when you handle the weapons. But remember that they are purely replicas and incapable of firing either live rounds or blanks.

  • Jewellery

    There are few shops where you can buy ears, fingers & tongues as trophy necklaces! Here at Larp Inn we we have leather necklaces, headbands and bracelets as well as some more unique costume items!