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Lorien Trust Factions

Costume inspired or suitable for characters for the Lorien Trust factions.

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  • The Bears Faction

    The Lorien Trust Bears Faction is made up of clans. Their two main groups being celts and picts, which includes: Highlanders, Islanders and Lowlanders. Found mainly in tartan and kilts, bears are fierce warriors, who are known for throwing excellent celebrations.

  • The Dragons Faction

    The Lorien Trust Dragons Faction is made up of three nations and are known for their ferocious warriors, leaders, bards and druids. They are loyal, passionate and fierce. For the Dragons, the land and the people are one, and dying a hero is better than dying in shame.

  • The Gryphon Faction

    The Lorien Trust Gryphons Faction are “[a]ll for one, and one for all”. Two nations united under one banner, the Gryphons are a high civilisation, known for their law and order. You’ll find elves, dwarves, men, beastkin, merchants, craftsmen, soldiers and priests all fighting for the Gryphon nation in unity.


  • The Harts Faction

    The Lorien Trust Harts Faction is a land of nobility. Protecting their land and upholding the law, rising through the ranks by deed, not by name or worth. Fighting the darkness and evil, the Albion knights, elves, fey and beastkin, fight for what is just and true.

  • The Jackal Faction

    The Lorien Trust Jackals Faction’s people and land are both very diverse in their culture, with scholars, artisans, thinkers, inventors, nobles and nomads, and their cities, forests and niles. Although appearing to have little in common, their creativity and unity on the battlefield is a sight to behold.  

  • The Lion Faction

    The Lorien Trust Lions Faction have seen their fair share of hardship. After losing their home twice, the Lions have sworn not to lose their land again. Their people are one of diversity, from Knights to fey and everything in between. Although laws are important to the Lions, as long as the people have spirit that is all that matters.   

  • The Tarantula Faction

    The Lorien Trust Tarantulas Faction is certainly unique. Unwelcoming of outsiders, the Tarantulas follow one rule: don’t get caught. Their people mostly consist of drow, norns, elves and dark elves. Living in the Underdark can be dangerous, so is not for the faint hearted. With their quick wit, cunning and cold execution, the Tarantulas are not to be messed with. However, if the banner is raised, the Tarantulas do not hesitate to rise together and fight as one.

  • The Unicorns Faction

    The Lorien Trust Unicorn Faction believe their land Mauritania, a grouping of islands, to be living and breathing. If you mean the islands no harm, you are welcome there. There is no normal day for the Unicorns, one day you can be fighting daemons on the battlefield, and the next you can be rubbing shoulders with traders and merchants. With a nation of navigators and sailors, they push for knowledge, magic and trade, and believe this is the key to their success.

  • The Viper Faction

    The Lorien Trust Vipers Faction are the people of the great land mass of Teutonia, containing great mountains, forests and rivers, with plenty of places to explore. Vipers are descended from Teutonic tribes and are a practical and creative nation. Their culture is very diverse, with no distinctive race or type. The faction’s society is liberal and with the people enjoying their personal freedoms to peruse their own destiny.  

  • The Wolves Faction

    The Lorien Trust Wolves Faction are fierce warriors. Just like a wolf pack, they fight and defend all their nation, from weak to strong. Their spirit and passion on the battlefield, along with their sharp minds, makes them strong and not easily defeated. Don’t let their wild and ferocious ways fool you, the wolves are also known for their warm heart. Even in times of battle, it pays to be generous to your neighbours.