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At Larp inn we love all games. Whether it's WW2 tabletop combat with Bolt action or any of the modern challenging board games such as Catan, Dead of Winter, Puerto Rico, or Ticket to Ride

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  • Card Games
    Card Games are better than Snap these days. Checkout Magic: The Gathering, Munchkin or Fluxx, in stock in our Telford Shop!
  • Reaper Miniatures
    Reaper Miniatures are great for D&D, Pathfinder and other RPGs. The Reaper Bones line are designed to offer good quality plastic miniatures at extremely low prices so the game master can build up his collection of monsters quickly. The Reaper Dark Heaven line are renowned for being some of the most beautifully detailed metal miniatures available. Come check our stock out at our Telford shop!
  • Wargames
    We stock a large range of Wahammer 40K, Wahammer Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Underworlds, Warlords of Erehwon, The Walking Dead, X-Wing, Bolt Action, Kings of War, Beyond the Gates of Antares & Hail Caeser.
  • RPGs
    Tabletop RPG's are where it all began. D&D (or DnD) is where many a gamer started but Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and many more are out there. In stock in our Telford Shop!
  • Modelling
    We have an abundance of crafting supplies for miniature painting and war game terrain stocked at out Telford Shop - come check us out!
  • Dice
    Polyhedral dice are the gamers first and last line of defense. D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20 are available in singles or packs. In stock in our Telford Shop.
  • Call of Cthulhu RPG
    Get your books, board games, miniatures and dice for really low prices here at Larp Inn.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    Get your Dungeons & Dragons books, dice, miniatures, spell cards and status markers at very cheap prices.
  • Miniatures
    We have a wide selection of Reaper, Pathfinder Battles, Nolzurs, Deep Cuts, Games Workshop, plastic, resin and metal miniatures avaiable in our store and online!
  • Board Games
    Amazing board games from Larp Inn. We've got the best of Descent, DungeonQuest, Zombicide, Zombies!!!, Settlers of Catan, Battlestar Galactica and more...