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Leather Armour
The larpers favourite! Leather armour is the most popular armour in a larp field because of the balance it strikes between protection and comfort.

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  • Legs - Leather
    Larp has a great collection of leather greaves and leg armour for your next character costume.
  • Body - Leather
    Costume leather breastplates and chest armour perfect for Larp, Cosplay, theatre and halloween.
  • Shoulder - Leather
    A selection of leather neck and shoulder armour perfect for larp, theater and cosplay costumes.
  • Hands - Leather
    Costume leather gauntlets and hand protection costume for Larp, Cosplay and theatre.
  • Body - Corset
    A range of corsets best suited for the feminine form, perfect for Cosplay, Larp and reenactment.
  • Arms - Leather
    A selection of leather bracers perfect for LARP, cosplay, reenactment or just fancy dress.