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A range of hoods and hats to compliment costumes and amuse.

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    The Jewelled Headband is a handmade head piece, suitable for a whole range of characters. This high-quality leather strip is durable and perfect for LARP, cosplay and theater costumes.

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    The Heavy Cotton Hood is a great addition to any type of LARP, cosplay, or theater costume. Available in a range of colours, the simple design is perfect for a variety of different characters and can be used to really bring a costume together. The hood is easy to put on and take off which allows for excellent weather protection when needed and can be...

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    The Altair cowl is a shawl and hood for the most skilled rogues. Reaching from the shoulders to the ankles and made from soft, red dyed cotton, this cowl is a fantastic layer to add to your costume. Move around crowded cities easily thanks to the attached hood, or wear it nonchalantly around the shoulders. Designed to look mysterious and sleek, the cowl...

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  • £ 19.99 In Stock

    This handmade Woolen Witch Hat is perfect for a wide range of costumes. The thick and durable material is waterproof making it a fantastic addition to Larp and Cosplay costume. However, the stylish fit is great for your average Halloween witch hat too.

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  • £ 69.99 In Stock

    Our Grey Wolf Animal Hood is a great alternative to real fur trophies. This particular costume item is made from faux fur with a rubber/latex face. The hood is designed to sit on top of the head in a similar fashion to the mantles worn by Roman standard bearers. This adornment is also great for shaman, savages or wild characters. The top feature of having...

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  • £ 22.99 In Stock

    This wonderfully, wondrous wizard's hat is made from felted wool. Guaranteed to make you look fabulous, this hat allows the wearer to chaperone 13 dwarves and 1 hobbit or 2 humans, 1 dwarf, 1 elf and 4 hobbits on an extremely perilous adventure.

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  • £ 34.99

    Epic Armoury’s Fur Hood is an embroidered mantle with a long hood tail. The mantle covers the shoulders, keeping the upper chest warm while the hood protects the head and face from harsh wind. Elvish embroidery and polyester fur trim embellishes this hood, adding great detail to the felted wool. The inside is lined with soft, comfortable cotton.

    £ 34.99
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