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  • Reopening the Larp Inn Showroom
    Reopening the Larp Inn Showroom
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    It's been a long and difficult year, but we're very excited to reopen our showroom and gaming areas in the coming months.

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  • LARP Essentials - What to Bring - Packing List
    LARP Essentials - What to Bring - Packing List
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    Here at Larp Inn, we know how chaotic packing for an event can be. After many incidents where important items have been forgotten, we've compiled an extensive list of the camping equipment, toiletries, clothes, costume and essentials you'll want to think about before heading off to an outdoor Larp event.

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  • What is LARP or LRP?
    What is LARP or LRP?
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    If you haven’t been LARPing, it can be very difficult to understand how and why such a hobby works. Describing live action role play in an exciting and understandable way is no easier! However, LARP, or LRP as many people prefer to call it, is an incredibly immersive and diverse hobby that unites thousands of people from across the world. In this article, I’m going to try and break LARP down into its key components to give a clearer picture of fundamentals that make these events work. There...

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