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Thin Leatherbag - Large - Black


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Sneaking through the bandit’s hideout, you pause as a particular chest catches your eye. A true adventure always comes with its fair share of loot, you think, as you inspect for traps. All seems well as you start to pick the lock, wondering what sort of treasure the bandits might be hiding.


The lid opens with an awful creak--you’re sure someone will have heard it!--and as you look inside you are excited to find the entire chest full of stolen coins and gems. You don’t have much time as you scoop several handfuls into your Thin Leather Bag, thanking the fact that your bag is big enough to carry so much, before you jingle toward the exit.


It’s about time something good came out of this journey!




Epic Armoury’s Large Thin Leather Bag is a slim, neutral leather bag designed to hang from the belt. The bag is closed by threading its horn bar through a looped leather cord on the bag’s lip. Attach the bag to your belt using its two 6 cm loops made from leather and attached with brass studs. The simple style and large capacity makes it a good and practical accessory for almost any character, or even for your everyday outfit.


The bag is made from dyed split-leather and is stitched around the edges to ensure a product that will withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment. When adding the final touches to any multitude of characters, this Thin Leather Bag is a neutral solution that will last a long time.


Available in Black and Brown; and sizes Large and Small.


Leather bag for keeping all your important nick-nacks in, such as: money, wallet, phone, crisps, large gems, 3/4 of a pack of biscuits, multiple pairs of socks, babies shoes, fairy lights, a single egg (from an ordinary sized ostrich), ect....


Weight 120g
Length 18cm
Width 17.5cm
Height 3cm
Strap Length 7cm
Strap Width 4cm