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Thin Leatherbag - Black


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Small leather bag for keeping all your important nick-nacks in, such as: character cards, spell cards, money, wallet, phone, chocolate bars, gems, biscuits, socks, watches, all the peices from a monopoly game, several eggs (from the standard chicken), ect....




Epic Armoury’s Small Thin Leather Bag is a slim, neutral leather bag designed to hang from the belt. The bag is closed by threading its horn bar through a looped leather cord on the bag’s lip. Attach the bag to your belt using its two 6 cm loops made from leather and attached with brass studs. The simple style and large capacity makes it a good and practical accessory for almost any character, or even for your everyday outfit.

The bag is made from dyed split-leather and is stitched around the edges to ensure a product that will withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment. When adding the final touches to any multitude of characters, this Thin Leather Bag is a neutral solution that will last a long time.

Available in Black and Brown; and sizes Large and Small.


Weight 80g
Length 16.5cm
Width 12.5cm
Strap Length 6.5cm
Strap Width 3.5cm