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Earl Horizontal Dagger Scabbard - Brown


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Our Earl Dagger Scabbard range are designed to hold a vast range of daggers securely. All Earl Scabbards are produced from high-quality leather that is durable and made here at our Larp Inn workshop, UK. This particular range has been developed so that you can hold your dagger where is most comfotrable for you. We have Earl drop scabbards, horizontal draw scabbards and leg scabbards. This level of variation makes the Earl Dagger Scabbard range perfect for all your larp, theater and cosplay needs.


The Horizontal Dagger Scabbard holds your dagger at your side ways at your hip. There is a large belt loop at the back of the scabbard which helps to maintain maximum stability as the scabbard sits along the belt. The popper clip ensures that your dagger won't slip out as you move around.




Hand made here at Larp Inn, UK.

Made from high-quality real leather.

If this item is OUT OF STOCK, we'll just make one up for you.


Max Dagger Width 5cm
Distance Between Scabbard & Popper 8cm
Max Handle Width 10cm
Max Belt Width 8cm