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Rondel Hand Protection - Silver


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Every fencer knows that the most common injury occurs to the hands. One improper block can easily leave you with a broken finger, which is an annoying inconvenience when attempting to practice.


You invested in Rondel Hand Protection to prevent the usual bumps and bruises while sparring. It has served you quite well. Well enough that you still have all ten of your fingers in one piece!




Epic Armoury’s Polished Steel Rondel Hand Protection is a round plate designed to protect the knuckles and back of the hand in combat without compromising manoeuvrability. The plate is forged to fit over the hand using a durable and adjustable leather strap that fits across the palm. The steel fits most comfortably over your own leather glove.


Made from polished mild steel with rolled edges, this Rondel Hand Protection is a simple and affordable way to add plate protection to your costume. With its low-fantasy and neutral appearance, it can easily be paired with other Epic Armoury metal works.


Available in One Size; and in Polished Steel or Epic Dark finishes.


Weight 135g
Back Hand Width 13cm