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Adam Shoulder Plates - Small


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Our Adam metal armour series is our most economic set of plate armour that can be mixed and matched to create optimal Larp, cosplay or theater costume. Each item can be identified as an Adam design by the corregation along the rim.


This particular set of plate shoulders very flexible with articulated three plates that move with the arm. The spaulders attach to the gorget via a single strap on both arms and have a strap that goes underneath the arm. Overall, this item makes a great option for all your larp, cosplay or theatrical costume.


We advise combining your Adam armour with a gambeson or added padding for extra comfort and a better fit. However, the plate can be used on top of any costume combination.





Made from 1.2mm Steel.

Fits the Adam or Mark Neck Plate.

One strap on each shoulder to attach to the neck plate.

A single strap that fits around the bicep.

Crimped edges to keep sharp area to a minimum.

Available in plain steel or black.