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Adam Belt Shield - Plain Steel


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Our Adam metal armour series is our most economic set of plate armour that can be mixed and matched to create optimal Larp, cosplay or theater costume. Each item can be identified as an Adam design by the corregation along the rim.


We advise combining your Adam armour with a gambeson or added padding for extra comfort and a better fit. However, the plate can be used on top of any costume combination.


The Adam Belt Shield is simply slipped over your belt to hang at your waist. Although plain to begin with, these are great if you want to customise your look. The belt shields can be painted, modded and combined with existing clothing. This is where your creativity and immagination comes into place.


Talking of creativity: We suggest to clean the shield with Acetone prior to painting it. Afterwards just sand it with a paper with 600 grid. Use some automobile colour primer as the colour-matching foundation. When the foundation is fully dried, you should sand it again and apply a second layer of colour. Now is the time, where you can paint your details, like heraldry, animals and writings with weatherproof acrylic paint.




1.2mm Steel

Material: Steel


Length 24cm
Width 18cm
Weight 350g