Ranger Leather LARP Bracers - Suede - Black

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The Ranger Suede Torso Armour from Epic Armoury is a cuirass made of chrome-tanned leather, featuring a plain frame with a diagonal weave on the front and sides. It is held together with ornamental strappings that can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. While designed to match other pieces in the Ranger Complete Armour Set, this armour can be combined with components from different sets for a unique look. This versatile armour is perfect for those inspired by the Viking, Celtic, or mediaeval eras of Europe.

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“In the stillness of the forest, I witnessed her prowess unfold. The Ranger's aim was true, her every movement fluid and precise, as she drew back her bowstring. With a gentle smile, she embodied the harmony between nature and duty, reminding me of the noble purpose that guided her every shot. Inspired by her unwavering dedication, I knew that her spirit was the one of a true guardian.”

The Ranger Bracers in Suede from Epic Armoury are made of diagonally woven suede leather beneath a suede plain frame. Ornamented leather straps provide easy adjustment for a comfortable fit on the lower arm. The bracers are designed to be donned as part of the Ranger Complete Armour Set, but they can also be used independently or in combination with pieces from other armour designs.


This product is handmade from natural materials and therefore unique. As a result, this product will have natural deviations in pattern, colour and shape, which are not considered defects or faults.

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