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The forest is serene this morning as you head out along the trails. Birds are singing and the weather is crisp, perfect for working without breaking too much of a sweat. But as you approach the dead tree you’d marked the day before, you believe you hear something in the underbrush.


Your calloused, strong hand wraps around the handle of your axe hanging from your X Belt. The edge is freshly sharpened, and you’re ready to defend yourself from any beast that you might find--relieved as a neighbor’s dog comes bounding out from a bush, instead.


Back to work.




Epic Armoury’s X Belt is a long leather belt made from full-grain buffalo leather. Strong and durable, this belt is also stylish with its stitched X-shaped accents. With a 70 cm belt-tongue and 16 holes, adjust this belt to a large range of sizes to fit your unique body. Secure the belt using its rounded, steel belt buckle.


The X Belt is handsome and clean, making it a perfect fit for almost any character in any setting you care to play.


Available in colours Black, Blue, Brown, Green, and Red; and in One Size.




Weight 300g
Max Length 62" / 158cm
Min length 42" / 106cm
Belt Width 1.5" / 4cm


However additional holes can be made on request to make the belt smaller.