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Earl Double Bandage Belt Loop - Black


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The Earl Double Bandage Belt Loop is great for a character that has any skills with healing. This particular banadage holder is ideal for always being prepared and keeping a small stash of banadages at hand at all times.




Leather bandage loop - slides over your existing belt and holds two bandages

Max belt width - 1.5"

Includes 2 bandages

Made from real, high-quality leather.

Hand made by us at Larp Inn, UK


System Skills


Curious Pastimes - 'Surgeon: This skill allows a character to perform non-magical surgeries on wounded characters, surgery will provide no benefit for a character who is not injured. Surgery requires appropriate physical representation for tools and suitably dramatic roleplay such as applying bandages, staunching bleeding, and cauterising wounds.'

Lorien Trust - 'BIND WOUNDS - Your character can spend 1 minute of role-played action using a phys-rep bandage on a limb location (not Torso or Head). This will remove a mortal wound on that limb raising it to 0 LHV.'