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The Salerno Bandage Bandolier is an essential piece of Larp kit for any medics or characters interested in healing. Always be prepared to bind wounds or perform fantasy triage with our trustee Bandage Bandolier.


Ideal for any character skilled in healing

Canvas belt with 8 loops for bandages

Includes 8 Bandages

Available in Black, Brown & Grey

System Skills

Curious Pastimes - 'Surgeon: This skill allows a character to perform non-magical surgeries on wounded characters, surgery will provide no benefit for a character who is not injured. Surgery requires appropriate physical representation for tools and suitably dramatic roleplay such as applying bandages, staunching bleeding, and cauterising wounds.'

Lorien Trust - 'BIND WOUNDS - Your character can spend 1 minute of role-played action using a phys-rep bandage on a limb location (not Torso or Head). This will remove a mortal wound on that limb raising it to 0 LHV.'