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Artoris Chainmail Shirt - Full Sleeve - Plain Steel


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The Artoris Chainmail Shirt is a long sleeve chainmail shirt perfect for a vast range of characters in larp, theatre and cosplay. This steel metal look is particularly effective for medieval warriors, knights, vikings, and other fantasy roles. This shirt is made from 10mm steel rings and weighs in at around 12kg. It's heavy! The links are put together in a classic european "4-in-1" pattern.




Chest Size44-55"


To make sure your desired mail shirt will fit correctly you should follow this instructions: 


  1. Put on everything you would like to wear beneath your mail shirt.
  2. Measure the circumference of your chest (circumference beneath your arms e.g. 45")
  3. Add a minimum of 5" additional space 


Note: The Artoris Dark is stored oiled. When first using the chain you will need to thoroughly wipe it down with an old cloth to take off the excess oil.


System Rules:


Lorien Trust - Heavy Armour (Armour Value of 4)
Curious Pastimes - Extra-Heavy Amour (4 points of protection)
Profound Decisions - Heavy Armour (Provides 4 extra hits only & protection from Cleave, Impale)