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Zombie Prosthetics - Exposed Cheekbone


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Hunger. Hunger is all you feel and know. In a vague portion of your mind you remember that there had once been so much more. You had a job. You had a family. But now as you catch the whiff of something delicious, that vague memory is forgotten.


You groan hungrily as you see one of the living, its movement catching your rotting eye. You stagger onward, driven by your sole desire for flesh.




Epic Effects’ Zombie Cheek Exposed is a latex prosthetic that has seen livelier days. Designed to fit on the right side of the face, this monster effect will be a terrifying surprise to your potential prey! Become a frightful zombie with a torn cheek, showing off your once handsome cheekbone beneath the skin and muscle.


The Zombie Cheek Torn prosthetic is made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, ensuring long life and extended reuse. Application of this prosthetic is easy using Epic Effect Prosthetic Power Glue, Mastix Spirit Gum or other prosthetic adhesive.


The Package contains instructions in English and French.


This Zombie Cheek Torn is unpainted, but can easily be painted to match the style you desire using Epic Effects Make-Ups.


Available in One Size.




- Try on the prosthetic first and find out how it fits you best. Then use nail scissors to trim the prosthetic to make a cleaner transitions as required.

- Apply a thin coat of spirit gum to your own skin, especially to the edges of where the prosthetic will meet you skin.

- Remove the excess spirit gum with a cotton bud and then blot the gluing surface until threads form.

- Cover your skin with the latex prosthetics and firmly press the latex on for a few moments. (Patches of shiny excess spirit gum can be wiped away with a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol.)

- To remove the prosthetics, moisten the edges with Mastic Remover or some rubbing alcohol and pull it off.

- Now blend in the edges with make-up.