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Wildling Quiver - Black


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The snows have covered everything since before the days of your ancestors. Weaving and farming is hard, but scavenging has always been rich. Stolen from beyond the wall, you have taken arms and armor and used them against rival clans and the Night’s Watch alike. Your favorite trophy is your Wildling Quiver, a rugged, but essential piece of gear that keeps your arrows ready to fly against the Crows.




Epic Armoury’s Epic Black Wildling Quiver is a rustic, round quiver that’s perfect for carrying your arrows on the field. It fits most LARP arrows and is made from black leather and beige canvas. It has a circular bottom stitched to the body with a flattened leather cord. This leather cord stitching also decorates along the rims and plate edges, a detail which gives the piece a lot of character.


The quiver comes with a long leather belt with a brass-plated iron buckle, and is attached to metal rings at the top and bottom. There are several ring positions, allowing it to be worn across either shoulder--or however it is most comfortable!


The Wildling Quiver is neutral in style and colour and matches other Epic Armoury leather items, making it a good choice for any archer, no matter what race or world you wish to play.


Available in Brown and Epic Black.


Weight 600g
Length 50cm
Width 13cm
Height 11cm
Inner Diameter 11cm
Strap Length 111cm
Strap Width 2.7cm