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Merchant Suede Bag - Black


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It has been an exceptionally successful day in the marketplace. Busy streets and wealthy customers have filled your Merchant Suede Bag with coins beyond brimming.


You pack up what is left of your wares as the market finally calms down, loading your cart. Perhaps you’ll purchase a duck on the way home. You’re feeling rich enough to splurge a little and fill your belly to satisfaction.




Epic Armoury’s Merchant Suede Bag is a large, flat leather belt pouch. The bag is closed by securing the full-grain leather strap and brass buckle. Two 8 cm leather loops on the back allow the bag to be attached to your belt.


The bag is made from dyed split-leather and is stitched around the edges with flattened leather cord to ensure a product that will withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment. When adding the final touches to any multitude of characters, this Merchant Suede Bag is a neutral solution that will last a long time.


Available in Black and Brown.


Weight 175g
Length 12cm
Width 3cm
Height 18cm


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