Magicians Robe - Black & Red

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The most formidable spells require a focus or two made from objects of meaning. As a mage, a Magician Robe and staff are your focuses of choice. As your delicate fingers wrap tightly around the staff’s grip, it grows hot and fills with potent magic.

The Magician Robe you wear billows out, fluttering with the buildup of power. You being to weave together complex spells beyond your normal grasp.




Epic Armoury’s Magician Robe is a dramatic and long-sleeved robe with an impressive hood designed for magic casters. Reaching from the head to the mid-calf, this robe is designed to protect you from the elements while adding a mysterious appearance. The robe is made from medium cotton, and embellished with a polyester satin trim.

Wear this robe open in the front or closed with the use of a belt. Robes are great garments for spell casters or intellectuals, and the Magician Robe is a detailed layer that fits a wide range of magical characters.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large; and colours Epic Black/Gold, Epic Black/Maroon, and Epic Black/Silver.




Size Small Medium Large X Large
Length 138cm 143cm 148cm 153cm
Chest Width 62cm 70cm 76cm 82cm
Bottom Width 62cm 70cm 76cm 82cm
Sleeve Width 25cm 25cm 30cm 30cm
Sleeve Length 45cm 50cm 50cm 55cm
Hood Height 40cm 40cm 45cm 45cm
Hood Depth 35cm 35cm 40cm 40cm