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These Elven Ears Small are prosthetic ears molded in a classic pointed shape, a common sigil of the mythological elf. These latex ears add 4 cm to the human ear at the helix, and are as smooth and elegant as an elven ear should be. The ears are modelled to cover and form-fit over the outer ear of a child, allowing for plenty of surface area in which to securely and safely glue the latex to the wearer’s skin.

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Compositions 100% Latex
Height 4cm
Width 3.5cm
Length 7cm

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I watched with joy as she grew slightly with every returning spring. The wisdom slowly unfolded in her eyes, and her senses sharpened as she grew increasingly accustomed to the forest. As we stood in the late summer, I could almost tell how her tiny, pointy ears heard the tree song before her mind reacted.

– “What was that?” she asked and gazed into the woods with a hint of worried curiosity.

– “Merely the walnut trees informing us that a delegation of humans will arrive in a few hours.”

She pondered for a moment before returning to the leaves floating in the creek before her. I smiled. In time, she could hear orcs, humans and other inferior races before they even crossed the forest edge. With a century of training, she would most likely become a worthy ranger.


The Small Elven Ears are ear prosthetics designed for dressing up as elves, fairies or other sylvan creatures. They add the sleek and iconic pointy-eared feature of elven ears by adding four cm to the ear helix and are designed to fit a small ear. The ear prosthetics are sold in pairs and modelled to cover and form-fit over the outer ear, allowing plenty of surface area to glue the prosthetic to your ear securely. As the ears are individually moulded, slight variations and minor asymmetry between the prosthetic pieces are to be expected. We encourage you to carefully apply fine scissors to adjust the prosthetics for a unique fit to your ears.


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