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Dorn Greaves - Leather Plated - Black


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The Dorn Greaves are hand made here at the Larp Inn workshop, UK. These leather plated greaves are made from thick, high-quality leather with an additional layer of rectangular leather plates. 

These Larp Greaves been designed to provide an optimal fit for both male and female wearers.The length ensures the greave doesn't rub the ankle or cover the knee on smaller legs. The wide shape helps to offer maximum coverage. These features provide added comfort and ensure that the Dorn Greaves are great for a variety of Larp, Cosplay and theatre costumes.


Custom designs are welcome - get in touch!




Made from high qualitity 3mm split leather.


Made at Larp Inn, UK.


Weight 600g
Length 34cm
Minimum Calf Circumference 32cm
Maximum Calf Cicumference 46cm




Lorien Trust - Medium Armour (Armour Value of 2)

Curious Pastimes - Medium Amour (2 points of protection)

Profound Decisions - Medium Armour (Provides 3 extra hits only)