Children's Shift Dress - Off White

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Even as a person so very young, you are looked upon as an adult by those around you. You managed to survive the years as a baby, after all, and so now you are expected to carry your weight as a member of the family.


Your mother has been teaching you how to do fine embroidery. Stitchwork is important as a young woman if you expect to ever get married, and so you sit with the other ladies working on your handicraft.




Epic Armoury's Children’s Shift is a simple slip-on dress designed especially for kids. Made from light cotton, this dress is designed to serve as a base layer for a more complex costume, or function as a costume on its own. The dress reaches from the shoulders to the ankles and has a wide skirt with plenty of room, making movement easy for running and play.


The sleeves are long and tied at the wrist with a cotton drawstring in order to keep them out of the way. A similar drawstring along the raglan neckline can be adjusted to your desired fit. The Children’s Shift is a simple, but classic design that will suit most children comfortably regardless of setting.


Available in sizes 6-8 Years and 8-10 Years.


Size 6 - 8 Years 8 - 10 Years
Weight 326g 368g
Length 102cm 112cm
Neck Width 24cm 26cm
Chest Width 40cm 45cm
Bottom Width 78cm 82cm
Sleeve Length 50cm 54cm