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Charles Vane Percussion / Flintlock Cap Pistol


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The 'Charles Vane Percussion / Flintlock Cap Pistol' pistol was named after the famous pirate of the 17th century in the Bahamas. He was known to be admired by his crew, for being a leader and lucky in finding plunder. This decoration pistol can be used with ammunition caps, and is a perfect match for pirates, sailors or shady characters.

This is NOT A REAL GUN and, instead, can be used with single caps to complete your perfect Larp, Halloween, theatre or cosplay character. Ideal for your next pirate, the 'Charles Vane Percussion / Flintlock Cap Pistol' is made from polished wood and zamac metal.

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Weight 670g
Length 36cm

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The 'Charles Vane Percussion/Flintlock Cap Pistol' is an imitation 17th century Flintlock pistol set up to fire single shot caps. This is obviously NOT A REAL GUN but an imitation cap gun suitable for larp, theater, cosplay - particularly pirate events. The Charles Vane Percussion/Flintlock Cap Pistol has a faux wooden handle and aluminium/zinc metal work.


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Length: 33cm

Disclaimer: These items are decorative and can not be fired. You may equip some with caps to simulate a shot.