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Bri Chainmail Shirt - Short Sleeve - Black


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The Bri Chainmail Shirt is designed for smaller individuals - youngsters, women, slimmer men, gnomes and kobolds. The chain is constructed in the standard European 4-in-1 rings pattern. The chain armour is made from butted Spring Steel but both armpits are riveted to provide increased durability and flexibility.


Sizing Your Chain


  1. Please put on ALL the clothes you want to wear underneath the chainmail.
  2. Measure your breast circumference underneath the arms and add 15cm clearance


Chest circ
(incl. cloth)
Chest circ


Model is 5' 7", 36" bust, 36" hips & 26" waist.


System Rules:


Lorien Trust - Heavy Armour (Armour Value of 4)
Curious Pastimes - Extra-Heavy Amour (4 points of protection)
Profound Decisions - Heavy Armour (Provides 4 extra hits only & protection from Cleave, Impale and Paralyse)