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Viking Shield - Uncoated - LARP - 32in


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Epic Armoury’s Uncoated Viking Shield is an 80 cm round latex shield perfect for your DIY LARP projects. Starting from a blank slate, this shield is sure to impress your fellow warriors when painted in your character’s own colours. The simple wooden texture on the shield is both simple and offers a great canvas to create your own custom insignia and emblems. Its slight convex shape and iron boss on the front also provides an extra edge in combat.

Enjoy your own creativity and unique style with a shield base that is built to be safe and withstand the continued abuse of LARP. The Viking Shield features a reinforced and comfortable 13.5 cm punch-grip, and is made from hard EVA foam. Defend against your enemies and make this Viking Shield a part of your epic fighting.


Weight 2200g
Diameter 80cm
Handle Circumference 10.5m
Grip Width 13.5cm


Directions for use:


You could paint the shield using a flecible paint such as Flexi Paint or Latex. When the paint is completely dry, coat the shield using clear latex. Dip the shield or apply using a brush to create a very thin layer. Clear latex is also available in our shop.