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Thegn Saxon Shield - Blue/White - 28IN


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Like a Tidal Wave


Epic Armoury’s Blue/White Thegn Shield is a 70 cm round latex shield ideal for coastal raids and offensive fighting. Descend upon new lands in the name of your king or queen, crashing down upon their shores like the force of a tidal wave. Your great deeds will bring renown to your ruler’s reign--and reinforce their belief in your unyielding loyalty. Inspired by early Vikings and Saxons, this Live Action Role Play (LARP) safe shield is carved from EVA foam to look like true wood trimmed with vegan leather. Coated in a layer of durable latex, it features a wood grain texture on both the front and back. This attention to detail makes this shield truly unique and perfect for a fully immersive look. Even small sculpted nails appear to be hammered into the braces!


This shield has been hand painted to look like natural wood with a white and blue spiral decorating its face. The paint has been artistically done to appear worn and aged, perfect for your gritty fantasy game or on the television screen. Its slight convex shape and the metallic-painted boss on the front provides an edge in combat, and its reliable punch-grip fits comfortably in your hand thanks to its suede wrap and shape. Keep your shield in great condition with regular latex maintenance.




Weight 1.7kg
Grip Length 14cm
Diameter 70cm
Handle Cirumference 9cm
Availability 70 & 80cm sizes