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Stronghold Earl Sword


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Note, these Epic Armoury Hybrid weapons have a pommel and crossguard polyurethane foam cast construction and are more durable but harder than traditional larp weapons. This Stronghold blade is crafted using a unique Epic Foam that has a rough texture, unlike traditional altex weapons.


Please bear this in mind with the safety rules for your LARP system. Returns will not be accepted for hybrid weapons that do not pass individual weapons check requirements. These do not pass safety at the Lorien Trust, Curious Pastimes or Profound Decisions.


They are however still excellent for cosplay, theatrical and film purposes and any Larp that does not require soft foam on the handle.




Stronghold’s Earl Sword is a medium sword inspired by celtic designs. The sword is 76 cm long and has a 57 cm double-edged blade with a central ridge. The detailed handle--with its celtic inspired crossguard and pommel--features a handpainted finish that looks like faded bronze. The 10 cm grip is cast and painted to look like cherrywood, ergonomically shaped to fit the hand.


Stronghold weapons are foam weapons designed for tough combat at LARPs. They require no maintenance, unlike latex weapons, and feature detailed polyurethane handles.


This Stronghold blade is crafted using a unique Epic Foam that weighs the same as latex without requiring the constant upkeep. Additionally, the blade tip is stab-proof thanks to our new innovative construction. Lightweight and shaped with a realistic and cushioned edge, this weapon is designed to be safe--leaving your friends unbruised and unbroken!


Weight 230g
Length 75cm
Grip Length 10cm
Blade Length 57cm
Blade WIdth 5cm
Crossguard Width 9.5cm
Handle Circumference 10cm