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A collection of costume and Larp weapons perfect for viking characters and costumes.

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    Epic Armoury’s Ready for Battle Axe is a classic latex war axe that will serve a rural warrior, homestead defender or Viking raider equally well. The 60 cm axe has a 55 cm wooden handle and a large rectangular axe head. The head is 12 cm long from bite to handle, with a 15 cm curved edge.

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    The Garen Leather Vest is perfect for bringing a costume together. The design is flattering and the natural suede leather offers great protection from weather and cold. The black and brown versions are both versatile enough to be worn with a large range LARP, cosplay or stage costumes.

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    Epic Armoury’s Ready-for-Battle Viking Bracers are fancy leather bracers designed to protect the forearms. The armour is constructed from leather straps cut from chrome-tanned, split leather, and weaved together to create a beautiful design. The armour is secured to the arm by sturdy leather straps and brass buckles.

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    The Falcon Leather Gloves are leather gloves with long cuffs to protect the forearm. They are made from brown dyed leather with two suede fingers. All joints around the fingers, wrists and edges are stitched, improving the strength of the material by preventing it from deforming with heavy use or from exposure to the environment. The fit of the gloves can...

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    The Ragnar Chainmail is a flexible mail armour shirt made from linked steel rings. The mail covers the body from the shoulder to the thighs, and has long sleeves protecting the arms to the wrists. Each butted ring interlocks with four other rings in a 4-in-1 design, while the armpits are reinforced with riveted rings designed to cope with additional...

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    A small hair bead suitable for plaits, braids and beards. These beads are perfect for a viking or saxon look.

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    The Rasvyn Medieval Tunic is a long sleeved cotton shirt cut to the classic medieval style. Available in seven colours, this tunic has slits up to the waist to allow maximum movement. The knee length design works as a fantastic base layer for a wide variety of LARP, cosplay and theater costumes.

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    The Braided Bracelet is a bracelet decorated with intricate leather braids. It is made from top-grain leather braided strips that run 9 cm up the arm. Secure the 8 cm diameter bracelet to your wrist by tying the leather cord through the diamond-shaped brace.

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    The Huscarl; warrior elite of the King’s household, sworn to protect his lord or fall at his side. Indomitable, he casts a fearsome shadow upon the battlefield, foreboding to all but the greatest of warriors. His blackened armour, a gift from his lord, contrasting against the golden decoration that distinguishes him from lesser warriors. His greatest...

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    The Knight Errant wanders the land in search of adventure, proving his chivalric virtue through unparalleled feats of arms. No giant, ogre or dragon is safe. Resplendent in his silver armour, his banner unfurled and sword gleaming in the midday sun, he urges on his fiery steed, ever onwards to the glory that awaits!

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    The Horse Lord seeks neither wealth nor power. He lives only for the death or glory that await him on the battlefield. Riding knee to knee with his brethren, their legendary charge destroys all that stands before it. His armour, crafted from a mixture of steel and leather, is light yet durable and is unchanged since the time of his forebears.

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Showing 49 - 60 of 120 items