Wood Elves Ears - Pair of Latex Ears & Spirit Gum

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"Wood elves live in the deep forest, far away from human civilisation and in perfect harmony with nature. They are excellent hunters and warriors and many of them use the magical forces of the wilderness to protect their sylvan home. With keen sense of danger and their deep understanding of life, they are valuable comrades in the battle against evil."

Made using high quality latex. The design is inpired by many literary and cinematic paragons. The high level of detail and the natural skin structure of the ears ensure a perfect transformation. The edges are thin enough to bland well with your skin, but thick enough to last for many uses. Very durable and will last for a long time when treated with care.

Includes high quality spirit gum that allows simple application of all kinds of latex and hair products. Due to it's excellent adhesive properties and skin care qualities it is ideal for frequent and regular use.

For maximum authenticity we recomend skin tone makeup to blend the colour of the ears to your own skin.


  • Pair of Latex Wood Elf Ears with Spirit Gum.
  • Very Comfortable and easy to apply
  • Durable

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