Wood Elves Ears - Pair of Latex Ears & Spirit Gum

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Wood elves live in the deep forest, far away from human civilisation and in perfect harmony with nature. They are excellent hunters and warriors and many of them use the magical forces of the wilderness to protect their sylvan home. With keen sense of danger and their deep understanding of life, they are valuable comrades in the battle against evil.




Pair of latex elf ears with spirit gum glue.


Very comfortable and easy to apply.

Durable, high-quality latex.




- Try on the ears first and find out how they fit you best. Then use nail scissors to trim the insides of your elf ears to make a cleanrer transitions as required.

- Apply a thin coat of spirit gum to your own ears, especially to the points where the latex ears end.

- Remove the excess spirit gum with a cotton bud and then blot the gluing surface until threads form.

- Cover your ears with the latex ears and firmly press them on for a few moments. (Patches of shiny excess spirit gum can be wiped away with a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol.)

- To remove the ears, moisten the edges with Mastic Remover or some rubbing alcohol and pull them off.

- Now blend in the edges with make-up.




Ears: 100% Latex.

Spirit Gum: Copal, Rosin Acrylate, Resin Soft, Ethyl Alcohol,


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