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One of your greatest lessons was learning never to be caught, and it is the person who is always moving who survives. You travel from tavern to barn to abandoned shack, never growing attached or creating ties. You are the wandering adventurer.

Your many travels require a pair of Traveler Boots designed to last. You rely on these boots to keep you on your feet! Along with your sword, armour and your skill, you expect that you may yet live to be a wisened old veteran. You certainly have the survival instinct.




Epic Armoury’s Traveler Boots are tall leather boots with soft, split-leather on the inside. These knee-high boots have a flexible cuff at the knee which can be flipped up or down for a classic pirate look. The soles come to a sharp point inspired by 12th century medieval fashion, pointing up at a jaunty 45° angle. Secure these boots using the adjustable lacing up the calf, set with rounded leather cords through brass eyelets.


Made from chrome-tanned split-leather, a flexible top-grain insole, and a 7mm thick natural rubber outsole, Epic Armoury’s Traveler Boots are designed to complete your fantasy or historic costume. With reinforced stitching around the edges and reinforced leather at the heels, these boots are built to withstand extensive abuse with regular leather care.




UK Size EU Size Sole Length Sole Width Bootleg Height
4 37 32cm 9.5cm 42cm
5 38 33.3cm 9.8cm 42cm
6 39 34.6cm 10cm 42cm
7 40 35cm 10.2cm 42cm
8 41 35.2cm 10.4cm 42cm
9 42 35.4cm 10.5cm 44cm
10 43 36cm 10.7cm 44cm
11 44 36.2cm 10.8cm 45cm