Stone Knife - Coreless LARP Throwing Weapon

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Your clan needs blood in order to perform a powerful ritual before battle. You have captured many new slaves, and the chief has decided to force them into a tournament. The losers shall be sacrificed.


As the clan’s shaman, you await your first victim. There are cheers and roars of excitement from your fellow orcs as a human soldier is forced to fight one of his companions. In desperation to survive, their friendship quickly withers. The beaten opponent is brought before your altar, and with your Bone Knife you take the blood you need.




Epic Armoury's new Stone Knife is a natural looking 19.5 cm throwing knife perfect for orbs, barbarians, and other creatures of the forest. Featuring more detailing than previous throwing knives, the Stone Knife appears more realistic thanks to the stone texture, colour and the sculpted leather cord. Use it as a weapon or primitive tool--whatever fits your needs!


Made from coreless durable closed cell foam and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that this throwing knife will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


Weight 31g
Length 19cm
Grip Length 4cm
Blade Length 13cm
Blade Width 4cm
Handle Circumference 6.5cm


System Skills -


Lorien Trust: Missle Weapon Use

Curious Pastimes: Thrown Weapon

Profound Decisions: Thrown Weapons


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