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This bestselling Epic Armoury Setting Spray is an after-treatment product for application over makeup. The spray prolongs the life of makeup and special effects by creating a thin protective coating, preventing smudges and rubbing.

The spray specifically does the following to any makeup:

Sets and maintains the appearance of makeup and enhances its durability.

Makes makeup resistant to cold water.

Considerably delays the deterioration of makeup on the skin due to perspiration.

The Setting Spray comes in a 50 ml bottle with nozzle-tip pump.

Directions for use:

Apply makeup and prosthetics as normal. Once this is completed, apply a thin and even layer of Setting Spray over the makeup using the nozzle-tip pump. If applying to the face, make sure to close eyes and hold breath during application and a few seconds afterward to refrain from breathing in the spray or getting it into your eyes.


Remove the coating on skin with mild soap and warm water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful when apply Setting Spray around the eyes, as it contains alcohol which dries vulnerable membranes and stings. Keep away from open flames, as this product is highly flammable.

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