Round Headed LARP Safety Arrow - 32in

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These round headed arrows are designed for safe contact with people's bodies. The aerodynamically optimised safety-head, 53 mm in diameter provides optimum safety, durability and striking distance.The high grade epoxy-glass resin shaft is highly flexible, shatter proof and provides maximum accuracy.




Length 32" / 80cm
Colour Black Shaft, Black Fletching
Draw Weight 30 lbs, 28 Draw Weight
Mass 68g


Please note that not all UK LARP systems have approved this type of round headed arrow yet. Please check with your system, organisation or club before you purchase. These arrows do not pass at Lorien Trust, Curious Pastimes or Profound Decisions events


The manufacturer and distributor cannot be held to be liable for any personal injury or damage resulting from accidental or intentional shots at humans, living animals, plants or valuable goods and property.


Unless you specify otherwise arrows will be supplied in a random selection of coloured fletching from what we have available. If you do want all on colour just let us know.

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