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Rogue Neck and Shoulder Armour


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You watch the caravan coming up the road from far off, counting at least two guards and a handful of merchants. Only one of them is on horseback, with the cart pulled by a sad pair of mules.


You feel confident in your new Rogue Neck and Shoulders, smirking as you signal to your fellows who lie in the shadows. There may not be much to steal, but you and your mates will take it all.




Epic Armoury’s Rogue Neck and Shoulders is an articulated set of armour designed to provide protection for the neck, shoulders, upper arms and chest. The armour is a six-piece set: a two piece gorget, two shoulders, and two upper arm guards. The gorget covers the thorax to the sternum and is furnished with both metal and leather. The gorget and shoulders are attached with top-grain leather straps and a strong cord. In addition, a strong leather strap is adjusted around the chest.


The shoulders are composed of pauldrons and arm guards covering the shoulder-joint and upper arms. The top of the pauldron scoops upward, creating a ridge meant to deflect blows. The shoulder plates are strapped on at the gorget and connect to the upper arm plate, which is secured around the biceps with an adjustable leather strap.


The Rogue Neck and Shoulders is made from top-grain leather and galvanized mild steel with rolled edges that form ridges around the rims. The design is inspired by assassins and rogues, but the style and functionality is fully interchangeable with other Epic Armoury armours, allowing freedom to combine armours and customize a character’s looks to fit your needs.


Available in One Size.


Weight 4420g
Shoudlers Max 70cm
Shoulders Min 65cm
Neck Width 17cm
Neck Plate Width 35cm
Front Length 25cm
Back Length 25cm
Upper Arm Length 42cm
Upper Arm Width 1. 26cm
Upper Arm Width 2. 6cm