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RFB Large Kite Shield - Uncoated


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This is a DIY shield, the foam construction is completed but the item is uncoated and unsealed.


Epic Armoury’s Uncoated RFB Large Shield is a semi-curved, kite shield inspired by 10th to 12th century soldiers. This 99 cm long shield arrives in plain black, carved with a rim detailed to look like metal with studs. While the design is simple, this Large Shield is timeless and classic, and is being sold without colours or latex coating for your do-it-yourself project. It arrives matte and undecorated, so that you might add whatever detailing you wish!


Wear this Large Shield left or right-handed with the use of six versatile canvas straps on the back, allowing for different fight styles and stances. Feel confident that this hard EVA foam shield will withstand the continued abuse of a LARP with regular latex maintenance.


Weight 1750g
Length 100cm
Width 60cm
Grip Length 3c5m
Grip Width 40cm


Directions for use:


You could paint the shield using a flecible paint such as Flexi Paint or Latex. When the paint is completely dry, coat the shield using clear latex. Dip the shield or apply using a brush to create a very thin layer. Clear latex is also available in our shop.