RFB Fighter Leather LARP Armour - Brown

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You are laughing too loud. You realize it must be scaring your enemy, because no one wants to face you on the frontline anymore. They think you are crazed. Maybe you are, because the adrenaline of being in a battle has left you feeling drunk with exhilaration.

If no one will come to you, it’s time to bring the fight to them! One poor soldier desperately strikes at you and you feel the thud of his sword against your RFB Fighter Leather Armour, but it hardly makes a scratch. You see the terror in his eyes as your laugh fills the field and you bring the strength of your axe down upon him.

You are Raynor Ironshood. Let them fear you. Let them all fear you.




Epic Armoury’s Ready-for-Battle Leather Armour is a fancy leather cuirass with front and back plates to protect the torso from harm. The armour is constructed from black leather oblongs cut from chrome-tanned, plated leather, riveted with brass studs onto soft split-leather. With elongated sides to protect the flanks, the front and back plates are secured together by sturdy leather straps and iron buckles.

The shoulder plates are made from similar oblongs reinforced with a leather strap that runs from the front plate to another set of iron buckles on the back. This makes the armour highly adjustable, allowing a snug fit for the individual wearer.

This armour is hemmed with additional soft split leather to keep the armour from deforming with excessive wear. The armour is fully interchangeable with other Epic Armoury products, and is also light with a distinct, but neutral style that will fit with almost any world or character you wish to take on your first adventure.

Available in Black and Brown, and sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.




Sizing S M L XL
Back Length 34cm 38cm 42cm 45cm
Front Length 35cm 38.5cm 42.5cm 46cm
Chest Width 45cm 48cm 54cm 62cm
Back Chest Width 22.5cm 28cm 33cm 40.5cm
Shoudler Straps 9cm 10cm 11cm 12cm


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AR7866RFB Fighter Leather LARP Armour - Brown - Medium
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AR5225RFB Fighter Leather LARP Armour - Brown - Small
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AR9850RFB Fighter Leather LARP Armour - Brown - X Large
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